Knitwear Style Guide

Pavacat Knitwear Style Guide

As Autumn Winter approaches, most of us begin to think about what clothes we’re going to need for the colder months and what key pieces we should be investing in. We’ve put together this Knitwear Guide with expert help from our knitwear buyers and designers in order to give you all of the knitwear info you need, ranging from when best to buy your knitwear to how to care for it.


 “Now! So the temperature’s about to make that dreaded end-of-year drop, but look on the bright side, it also means your wardrobe is due some autumnal snugness. Think cosy soft hand feels to keep the out the chill and embrace the new-season mantra of ‘Hygge’.” LYNDSEY - BUYER


  “Our key Winter trend is Hygge – pronounced ‘Hooga’ and is often cited as the reason the Danes are the happiest people on earth! Hygge is the simple pleasure we get from a warm, cosy environment. So think textured surfaces when shopping winter essentials, warm handle cosy knits and puffa jackets! Warm brights offset a range of neutrals and earthy tones. Hygge is the ritual of enjoying lifes simple pleasures.”

Knitwear Weather Guide

Now that you know the latest trends and styling tips, we have put together a table of the UK’s weather trends for Autumn Winter 2016 to help you decide what to buy and when to buy.




This is a form of goats wool but feels super soft and is the most luxurious material for knitwear. Cashmere is beautiful but needs to be handled carefully and hand washed.


Typically from sheep and goats, wool looks beautiful and is great for warmth in the colder months.


Easier to take care of and will retain its shape better than some other materials but it does retain water so maybe not the best choice if it’s raining outside!


Man-made and typically lighter than some thick wool garments. 



Our knitwear teams top tips on how to care for your knitwear:

Storing knitwear:
Knitwear is best kept folded in boxes or drawers, this will stop the garment from growing and becoming misshapen over time. Lyndsey says: ‘Hanging knitwear can cause jumpers to grow over time, turning jumpers into dresses!’

Bobbling or pilling:
This occurs over time, and it caused by two pieces of fabric rubbing together or during the washing process. You can remove bobbles easily with an electric bobble remover, it leaves the fabric smooth and looking newer for longer.

Washing knitwear:
Wash knitwear regularly. Washing in a machine at 30 degrees and under is fine, always wash coloured items separately and always follow the washing instructions carefully.

Drying knitwear:
Try not to hang your knitwear when drying it as this can cause it to lose its shape, instead allow it to dry flat in a cool dry place. Stay away from the tumble dryer as this can cause knitwear to shrink.


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